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“I love that Erin is so versatile, she takes her expertise in photography and knows how to make it fun experience. She was able to put me at ease and got a great portrait that was natural and candid. We met at a location with rustic textures, something I never would have found on my own. I like that she captures authenticity, nothing too polished from Photoshop, it helped my professional portraits stand out. Erin is a joy to work with and I highly recommend you contact her now and book the best value in town.”

—Robin R

“Erin is a talented artist in many different media! Since she first photographed our family in 2008, I have not even thought about using another photographer. Her photographs capture real beauty and never look staged or fake. Erin has taken senior photos for my two older daughters and the pictures highlight their different personalities perfectly. I also own two pieced of Erin’s visual art, one painting and one paining/collage and I continue to enjoy them every time I look at them. In addition to her artistic talents, Erin is friendly, fun, and easy to get along with.”

—Rachel K

“Erin has been one of our most treasured finds. We have had the pleasure of working with her to take annual photos of our daughter over the past seven years. With most photographers, having annual photos would just be unaffordable. With Erin, it’s very affordable and we have a permanent copy of the photos as well. On top of that, the photos are delightfully creative and different every year She works so well with our daughter – letting her be a part of the creative process. Thanks to Erin, we have wonderful year-by-year memories or our daughter’s childhood.”

—Suni D.

“My two sons took weekly drawing classes with Ms. Erin in 4th & 5th grades. My oldest was so inspired that he applied to Denver School of the Arts as a Visual Arts major, was accepted for 6th grade, and is now a sophomore. My youngest has always loved drawing, but wasn’t very confident. Ms. Erin gave him both confidence and enjoyment! For his DSA application, Ms. Erin helped my oldest choose his portfolio and practice explaining his inspirations. Most of the portfolio was a product of his weekly classes with Ms. Erin. Her classes teach drawing skills and techniques, as well as help children establish their voice. She teaches rather sophisticated drawing exercises in such a way that children inherently understand, enjoy, and apply them. Thank you Ms. Erin for nurturing a lifelong love of visual arts —priceless!”

—Michelle C.

I’ve known Erin for over five years…first as an art teacher for my daughter and an artist, then as an Oula instructor for myself and finally as a photographer for my family. As a teacher she is patient and thoughtful. As an artist she is creative and talented. As an Oula instructor she is full of positive energy, sharing a love of fitness with all her students. As a photographer she brings all of these together – she was patient and thoughtful with our family, creative with our poses and urban backgrounds, wonderfully talented and full of that ever-present positive energy!

—Brooke R

Erin has worked with my kids both as an art instructor and a photographer. Her art instruction was thoughtful, focused, and inspirational. My college-bound child counts his art instruction with Erin as one of his most important developmental highlights! As a photographer, Erin has captured the heart and soul of my kids. She worked with them so beautifully. We would recommend her to anyone, anytime!

—Roxanne J